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USA Today bestselling author Kit Tunstall lives in Idaho with her husband and two sons. She enjoys writing several genres and subgenres. When she started publishing, dinosaurs roamed the earth, and authors had one pen name with their publisher. That was the name you wrote everything under, no matter how dissimilar. Thanks to advances in publishing, it’s now easy to have more than one pen name, and many readers have come to expect a certain type of book experience from each author. The “brand,” if you will.
Kit’s catalog makes it difficult to tell what brand you’re getting, so she has “co-authored” each type with a pen name, so you’ll know what kind of book to expect.
* Paranormal Romances (including shifters): Kit Fawkes
* Contemporary romance with some steam, but not erotic: Lilly LaRue
* Darker and mafia romances: R.E. Saxton
* Contemporary romances that are super steamy: Kit Kyndall
* Edgier works (including fertile erotic romances, bad boys, and stepbrothers): Kristianna Sawyer
* Science fiction romance: Aurelia Skye
* Horror and post-apocalyptic: T.K. Reilley
* Cozy Mysteries: Desdemona St. Claire

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