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Sneak Peek | Bundle of Joy: The Panther’s Christmas Surprise

by Gen @ Shifters Ever After-
The Panther's Christmas Surprise by Alyse Zaftig
The Panther’s Christmas Surprise by Alyse Zaftig

Amani was out of breath, but she had to keep running. If she didn’t lose her tail, she’d be toast.
She shimmied through a crack in the alleyway’s concrete wall. It didn’t look like much, but the slanted opening looked smaller than it really was.
Faster! She had to get away before —
“There you are.”
Her heart stopped and the world slowed around her.
She turned to look over her shoulder.
The guy advancing toward her had a gun in his hands and teeth as shiny and white as a great white shark.
“No need to run anymore,” he said, far too cheerfully for the situation. He thought he won.
She knew he was wrong.
She looked up and jumped.
She heard him take a shot at her. Either he wasn’t good with his gun or she’d really taken him by surprise, because she was climbing into an open window and running for her life.
She could hear a clatter coming from the alleyway as he jumped into the window, too.
She ran up the stairs. There were too many of them on the street, and with her luck she’d just run into another one.
She was gasping for breath now and cursed herself for not bothering to get an inhaler at a time when she could’ve easily gotten one. It would’ve come in handy right now when she was running for her life.
Then she was on the roof. It was beautiful up there, but she didn’t have time to enjoy the view.
She looked over the side. Well, that was one way out, but it ended in the morgue.
She looked at the nearby buildings, but she wasn’t a parkour maniac. None of them were close enough to jump to safely. She blessed her childhood gymnastics coaches for still being able to jump as high as she was able to jump.
She didn’t have a lot of time. He was sure to climb the stairs and bring his friends.
Was there anywhere to hide? There was some kind of vent over there that looked like it opened.
She pulled on it. A loud creak sounded, but there was empty space inside of it.
Without any other options, she went into the vent.
She had barely closed the opening when she saw him come up to the roof and look for her.
“Come out, come out, wherever you are,” he sang to her, as if they were playing a fun game of Hide and Seek. Sick, crazy bastard.
She heard a growl. Where was it coming from?

The Panther’s Christmas Surprise is exclusive to our Christmas anthology, Bundle of Joy.

Gen @ Shifters Ever After