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Sneak Peek | Bundle of Joy: Enchanting Her Alphas

by Gen @ Shifters Ever After-
Enchanting Her Alphas by Auriella Skye

She called her water element and made a big show about it, despite her not needing to. She pulled each drop from the floor. The puddle of soda the drunken man fell in swirled around him, and the floating liquid lifted him up in the air.

Everyone watched as she moved him up, his eyes wide. The good thing about him being drunk was that he couldn’t focus on using his own element, whatever that could have been. Rynn was in control, and she made sure he knew it.

“I’m only going to say this once.” Rynn kept her tone steady and unwavering. “Touch me or the waitresses inappropriately or even try to mess with the bar while I’m at it, and I’ll make sure you never set foot in this place again.” She gathered the water until it lassoed the idiot, and with a flick of her wrist, she threw him out of the bar doors. “Any questions?”

No one answered, but she looked over to see the two shifters staring at her. While the others looked at her like she’d gone off the deep end of crazy pool land, they watched her with something more serious, something that resembled respect. The one with the brown hair even grinned at her.

“Good,” she said. “Carry on.” She turned her back on everyone to keep from seeing their confused looks. She’d never had a temper. All her life she’d been reserved, but maybe that’s why people like Billy and the haughty warlock thought they could get over on her. No more. She was not a victim. Anyone who thought that of her was going to get a big surprise when they learned otherwise.

“I have one,” a deep voice said.

Rynn turned to come face-to-face with the brown-haired shifter. That close to the bar, he towered over her. She loved the way his face was chiseled as if it had been created using the finest marble and given life. He had some stubble there, but it didn’t look unkempt or out of place. It made his look more masculine, while also providing a sleek sense of sex.

Tight places inside Rynn clenched and begged for this man to fill it, although she knew absolutely nothing about him. She could feel the beginning of wetness gather in her panties, and he smiled as if he could tell what naughty things her body was doing.

She glanced over to see the dark-haired one pushing Clown Makeup Witch away before joining them. It was hard to ignore the woman’s evil stare at being rebuked.

A laugh came out before Rynn could stop it.

“What’s so funny?” the sexy shifter asked.

“Everything.” She shook her head. “Now, what did you want one of?”

“A question.” She stared at him, completely confused.

“You asked if anyone had any questions. I have one.”

“Oh. I meant figuratively, but okay. Did you want to know about drink specials or something?”

“More like I want to know about you.” He grinned wide, and she felt like an idiot for smiling back. “I’m Hendrix. What’s your name?”

“Subtle much?” she asked.

“I hate subtlety,” he said. “I think people should mean what they say with no hidden code. I see something I want, I don’t play around.”

She turned to his quiet partner. “Is he always so modest?”

The dark-haired one watched her for a while and didn’t answer. She couldn’t look away from even darker eyes that pulled her in and didn’t let go. He seemed to take all of her in and then some. It was as if his eyes penetrated to something deep within her and was entranced by what he saw.

“He has his moments,” the dark-haired wonder said. “You must be new here.”

“What gave it away?” she asked.

“Let’s just say you have a strength we don’t see often in the magical community. It’s refreshing.”

“Rynn. The name’s Rynn.”

“Well, Rynn,” Hendrix said, “we’ll take a scotch and soda with a side of you.”


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