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Sneak Peek | Bundle of Joy: An Impawsible Christmas

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An Impawsible Christmas
An Impawsible Christmas by J.M. Klaire

“Not to be rude, but introductions can wait,” Ivy said. “Someone is going to come get me any minute now and tell me it’s time to march down that aisle and I have got to hear how this ends first, so keep talking. And pass that flask back around again, if you don’t mind.”

“Good point. Where was I?”

“Between an Alpha and a mate. One wanted to kill you, one wanted to fuck you, I’m sure. Then what? Why did you smell like bear?”

“Right. I’ll get to that. So, I was standing there, listening to the two of them argue, slowly backing out in the hopes that they were too busy with each other to notice. I was thinking that I’d rather take my chances out in the woods in the snow.”

“I’m guessing that didn’t work. There’s no way a wolf who scented his mate would just let her go wandering off like that.”

“You guess correctly. I backed up into more wolves blocking me in, right as the one calling himself my mate said, “Let me scent them closer. I smell bear, too, but it’s not her.”

So he turns toward me, and I actually get a good look at him before he shifts wolf again. He’s naked as the day he was born, of course, and damn.

I look him down, and then I look him back up, and did I mention damn? He was sexy as sin and his eyes glowed with this heated need that just melted me to my core.

I didn’t say a word, but I could see him register my reaction to him, and he gave me this sexy-ass wink with this shit-eating grin, right before he shifted wolf again directly in front of me.

I just stood there, letting him poke his nose into pretty much anything he wanted to poke into, until he tried to go… you know, there. That’s when I swatted him. One handed, of course, cause I was still holding the baby I’d found in the snow.

After I swatted him away, and he surprisingly let me, not growling or biting me or anything, he padded back over to the Alpha. He shifted, keeping his very nice backside toward me, while they talked in hushed tones.

Finally, they came to some sort of decision. They both stared at me, serious looks on their faces, and the Alpha was the only one to speak.

“Fine. You can claim her. She has two days to decide to accept you, but she does not leave this den. Figure out that cub situation first. She’s your problem now, but in two days if she is not wearing your bite I will kill them both.”

“Nice guy,” Bella said sarcastically.

They were interrupted by a knock. Without waiting for a response, the door swung open, and a head popped inside.

“There you all are! The music has started. Enid, you’re already supposed to be seated. Hurry, hurry, the wedding has begun and we’ve no bride.”

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