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Sneak Peek | Bundle of Joy: Mountain Bear’s Baby

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Mountain Bear's Baby by J.K. Harper
Mountain Bear’s Baby by J.K. Harper

“Hi, Jessie.” Shane’s deep rumble set things aflame inside Jessie and zipped shocked little shivers down her back. Standing there in her little yard, he looked like some wild creature of the woods, all burly and big and just outrageously—manly. He smelled like the snowy forest mixed with spicy, sexy man. Jessie felt suddenly almost dizzy from his scent.
“I’m sorry. I was a total ass the other day.” The words suddenly fell over themselves, like he’d been thinking them over and over and just needed to get them out. “Can I come in? I want a do-over on meeting my son. And on saying hi to you again. In a much better way than I did before.” His voice dropped on that last sentence, seeming to wrap around Jessie with a sensuality she remembered.

From head to toe, she flushed as she abruptly recalled hours of sweat-slicked eroticism with him. The most amazing, mind blowing, exciting, adventuresome, wild, sweet, fantastic eroticism of her life. Swallowing hard, she managed to nod and finally find her voice.

“Yeah. Of course.” Jessie had no idea how she kept her voice casual. She juggled Grant over to one hip and reached forward with her free hand to unlatch the little gate in the fence that encircled her approximately two square yards of snow-covered front lawn. But Shane beat her to it, taking an easy stride forward to reach out his own dark brown denim clad arm to open the gate for them.

Murmuring a thank you, Jessie slipped past him toward her door.
Despite herself, she felt another flash of warmth as her body slipped past him at a distance of only about four inches. Wow. She’d forgotten how big he was. How masculine. How incredibly—dammit. Fine. Incredibly arousing.

Forcing herself to remember that she held a bouncing little baby in her arms and that this was no time to be letting her thoughts go to some pretty debauched memories, she took the few steps toward the apartment and opened the door. Trying not to focus too much on how much incredibly sexy space Shane took up in her tiny little apartment, Jessie went into the middle of the main room and gently set Grant on the floor so she could tug his wiggling little body out of his snowsuit.

She felt extremely heated. Hyperaware of Shane’s proximity to her. Of his amazing scent, the one that made her think of the wildest depths of mountain forests, dark mossy caves, and snowstorms whipping with gale force winds of strength.

Jessie turned around. Shane’s wild hair and dark beard made her want to rake her fingers through it. She wanted to feel it rasp against her skin as he kissed her.

Oh, for pete’s sake. Dumb whacked out hormones. She made herself smile at him. Yet even as she did, something shifted in his expression. Something hungry and possessive crept over his face as he looked back at her. The whiskey-colored depths of his eyes darkened into a bronze sheen as his tongue dipped out against his upper lip for just a second, like he tasted something good there.

As if something divine lingered on his mouth and he wanted more of it.

Jessie realized, as she stood rooted to the carpet, her son’s babbling little voice muted beneath the weird roaring in her ears, that the divine something Shane wanted more of was her.

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