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Sneak Peek | Bundle of Joy: Deputy Bear

by Gen @ Shifters Ever After-
Deputy Bear by Scarlett Grove
Deputy Bear by Scarlett Grove

“Are you still signed up to” Maisie asked.
So many of the bears from the Fate Mountain bear clan had found mates on already. Of all the guys on the Bear Patrol and the Rescue Bears, he was one of the last bears without a mate.
“I’ve checked almost every day for new matches. It’s beginning to get a little depressing.”
“I can see how that could be,” Maisie said sympathetically.
Knox didn’t want anyone to feel bad for him. He’d spent his life working hard and taking care of himself. Before he’d been drafted into the military during the war, he had worked in a lumber mill in Idaho. He’d grown up there with his alpha, Rollo Morris.
They’d even played football together in high school. After school, Rollo moved to San Francisco to work in the police department while Knox stayed at home in Idaho Falls. After he was drafted into the war, he ended up on the same Marine Special Forces unit with Rollo and the guys from the Bear Patrol.
After the war, they had all come to Fate Mountain to settle down and start families. Almost everyone had succeeded so far, except Knox. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and tried to turn it on but the battery was dead.
“I haven’t checked it since yesterday but my phone is out of juice. Maybe there’s a mate waiting in there for me now,” he said with a laugh.
“Maybe there is. Never give up hope, Knox. As they say, this is the season of miracles.”
Maisie patted him on the shoulder and walked back up the street to the bakery. With a sigh, Knox bent into the trunk of the car and pulled out a second bag of rock salt. He started at the other end of the sidewalk and began to pour the salt out on to the icy pavement. As he came to the front of the credit union, he dropped the bag on the ground.
The most delicious scent he’d ever smelled in his entire life wafted into his nostrils. He took a deep drag of the aroma and stood up straight, looking around.
As if out of the dream, a beautiful, curvy, chocolate-colored goddess walked up the street. She wore a bright pink coat with a fur-lined hood that she had pulled up over her head. It framed her gorgeous round face and accentuated the delicate curve of her feminine jawline. Her almond-shaped, hazel eyes glowed in the morning sunlight. Knox felt his eyes water at the sight of her.

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