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Sneak Peek | Bundle of Joy: Panther in a Pear Tree

by Gen @ Shifters Ever After-
Panther in a Pear Tree by Cynthia Fox
Panther in a Pear Tree by Cynthia Fox

“Someone tries to kill me and you’re cracking jokes and expecting me to wear footy underwear?”
“These were a gift from my mother, thank you very much, and I’m assuming you’re barefoot … unless panthers have taken to wearing sneakers.” He ran his hand along the underwear and held up a plastic-coated foot. “Problem solved.” He dangled the clothing in front of him. “Here, kitty kitty.”
“You’re not seeing me naked.”
“Well, you can’t blame me for trying.” He tossed the long underwear over the bush and turned his back while she got dressed. “Are you hurt?”
“Just some scratches. I’ll heal.” She slid into the outfit and came out into the open. “My clothes are up on the ridge.”
“We can go collect them after lunch.”
“I’ll need you to be my alibi after lunch too. I’m going to rip those guys to shreds.”
“They were tourists. I’ve never seen that guide before, though. Can’t blame them,” he said, tilting his head and squinting. “In certain light, you really do look like a dove.”
“Tweet fucking tweet,” she said, flapping her arms.
“I think doves make more of a cooo sound,” Bobby said as he laughed and held his arms open. “How about a proper hug?”
Leah obliged and quickly pressed her body against his, inhaling deeply. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed tightly.
“I really shouldn’t be making jokes,” he said, burying his face in her hair. “I just get a little silly when I’m around you. Thank God you weren’t hurt.”
“It’s really your fault this happened,” she said, pulling away and slapping his arm. “If you didn’t smell so amazing, I would have noticed them before they started shooting.”
He lifted his arm and sniffed his armpit. “Wooo, I am a little funky.”
“I was drunk on your funk,” she said with a shrug. “Like one-million-times-over-the-legal-limit drunk.”
He smiled briefly before his brows furrowed and a frown took over his face.
“What’s that look for?” she asked, taking a step back.
“I saw you around Thanksgiving, thought I flirted well, and nothing. Same thing the time before that and the time before that. You always run off. Therefore, what you’re saying is … I should maybe never shower again and you’ll come find me. Go for the funk.”
“Always go for the funk, but you smell pretty darn good when you’re clean too.”
“Then why the constant escape act?”
Leah craned her neck to look past his broad body. “Where are your mini Rangers?”
“Nice way to change the topic,” he said while trying his hardest not to smile. “We’ll continue this later.”
She walked ahead of him towards the sound of the children, but was pulled back as he yanked on the butt flap of the long underwear.
“Oh good, those buttons are nice and strong,” he said. “Just testing.”
She turned back and swiped at his hand. “I have claws. Remember that.”
“I sound more like prrrrrr.”

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