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Sneak Peek | Bundle of Joy: Tempt Me Cowbear

by Gen @ Shifters Ever After-
Tempt Me Cowbear by Liv Brywood
Tempt Me Cowbear by Liv Brywood

The temperature outside had bite, but he enjoyed the cold. The sun hung low on the horizon, casting an orange glow across the snow. It was perfect.

He chose a seat at the table and motioned for her to sit next to him. She did. She was close enough that he could feel her warmth.

“This is literally the best biscuit I’ve ever had,” she mumbled between bites.

Crumbs caught on the corners of her mouth. It took everything in his body to keep from swiping them off with his fingers.

“I still can’t believe we made it.” She sipped her cocktail. “Are you going to eat or just keep watching me eat?”

“Oh, right.” He flushed as he shoveled a huge mouthful between his lips.

They ate in comfortable silence. After he’d scraped the last bite off of the plate, he sat back and patted his belly.

“I could eat those every day,” he said.

“Me too, except my ass would be the size of a water buffalo after about a week,” she said.

“Water buffalo?” He laughed. “You’re not even close to that size.”

“I have to keep my figure bikini-ready.” She leaned forward and placed her hand on his forearm.

“Don’t forget to meet me at the Jacuzzi tonight.”

A resounding roar echoed in his chest, his bear jumping at the thought of seeing her in a skimpy bikini. Every curve of her supple body would be on display. Every curve of her completely off-limits, totally not for him, body.

He swallowed loudly. Temptation jammed its wickedly sharp claws into his body, or maybe that was just his bear up to shenanigans.

Before he had a chance to turn her down, she hopped up.

“I’ll see you later,” she said.

As she walked back toward the B&B, her ass bounced, her hips swayed, and his resolve cracked like teeth on a popcorn kernel.

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